Sometimes, people who are injured in an accident feel reluctant to take the matter to court. You may feel bad for the person at fault for the incident or you may simply want to put the traumatic experience in the past as soon as possible.

But, choosing not to seek compensation could be more expensive than you think. Here are a few of the hidden costs to accidents that are initially overlooked.

Lost wages

One common injury expense that may slip your mind is how you’re going to maintain your income. Depending on your injury, a doctor may recommend you stay out of the office for a couple of weeks or many months.

You could get compensation for an off-the-job injury from your employer under New York’s Disability Benefits Law. However, you’ll only be entitled to half of what your average weekly wage was for the last eight weeks. These payments can also only last up to 26 weeks and cannot exceed $170 per week.


If you were involved in a car accident that caused damage to your vehicle, your car insurance may be able to compensate some of the damages. However, this will depend on how the insurance companies determine fault.

Further, if your injury or the treatment for it leaves you unable to operate heavy machinery, you may need to pay for transportation to work. Extra transportation expenses may also arise from your trips to the doctor or a rehabilitation center, if necessary.

Medical bills

The most apparent expense to consider is the medical bills you will face. However, determining this on your own may be difficult. What you thought was a minor injury may turn out to be something more major that requires costly treatment.

Medical equipment

If your injury is long-term or permanent you may need to purchase additional medical equipment, such as a crutches, a brace or a wheelchair.


Some injuries my even require rehabilitation sessions in order to regain control of your muscles. These will also be costly.

Is your case worth the trouble?

Some injuries that appear minor may actually turn out to be more expensive once all of the effects are factored in. At you can meet with an attorney at no cost to discuss the potential of your case.

A lawyer will help you determine the strength of your claim and walk you through your options for pursuing it so you can get back on your feet as painless as possible.

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