Limousine service safety regulations are continuing to come under fire weeks after the tragic crash in Schoharie that killed 20 people. The public is re-examining the safety protocols of limo drivers as they continue to question what led to the disastrous road incident.

One of the topics that has come up is the issue of distracted driving. As limo drivers arguably have more responsibilities than your typical motorist, they also have more ways to distract themselves. Any possible distraction issue you have in your car can be even worse for limo drivers with how often they are on the road. It is important to be aware of these various distractions so you can proceed with caution if you have a limo in an adjacent lane that has questionable control over their vehicle.

Partying passengers

The Limo Digest magazine states that limo drivers will often have rambunctious guests accompanying them in the vehicle. While most limos do have sufficient barriers between the driver and passengers, many people rent limos to party. Safety is not the top priority of many fellow riders and their loud and obnoxious behavior can throw the driver off while the vehicle is moving. Guests will also attempt to socialize with the driver frequently, which can impede their concentration.

GPS trouble

New York is a massive city with hundreds of locations for drivers to go to. If the driver is going to an unfamiliar restaurant or taking the passengers back home, they need to enter the coordinates and turn up the volume for the system’s voice commands. However, many face temptations to peek down to see their route while driving, and the voice can be hard to hear depending on how wild the passengers are getting.

Phone problems

With how long the driver is in the car for, a phone is necessary to contact co-workers or future passengers. However, despite New York having a handheld ban on all cellular phones, some drivers cannot resist taking out their phones to text or pass the time while taking their guests. A couple of years ago, a limo bus driver was caught repeatedly texting while driving nearly four dozen guests to the Hamptons. The limo company did nothing until one of the passengers took her issue to social media and news publications.

The recent limo crash should serve as a wake-up call for New Yorkers to carefully monitor limousines as well as the driver’s eligibility and behavior on the road. If a limo driver’s negligence results in major damages for you or the driver’s passengers, a vehicle accident attorney can give you the representation you need when seeking compensation.

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