As a parent in New York, it can be terrifying once your teenager is ready to drive on the streets by themselves. Even though the state has made more enforcements on distracted and drunk driving within the last decade, you still do not have full control over what your child does behind the wheel in this heavy traffic city.

The direct approach does not always work when it comes to teaching your child motor vehicle safety, so you may need to take more subtle actions to influence them into becoming a more careful driver.

Demonstrate good habits in person

Studies have shown that a large portion of teenagers drive with their phones behind the wheel because their parents do it too. If a parent admonishes their kid for texting while driving, the argument falls on deaf ears when they are guilty of the same action. Since your child has seen you drive more than any other New Yorker, they will likely follow your tendencies.

Show statistics and videos of victims

As unpleasant as it is, fear can be an effective motivational tool in a child’s development. The statistics for distracted and intoxicated driving have reached new heights within the last decade, and you should have your kid read up on some articles online to get a better sense of how large the issue is. While you are on the web, look up any news articles or YouTube videos that showcase major New York car crashes. Witnessing them in action can give your child a sense of the realistic consequences that arise from these incidents that they would not find in a movie.

Have them talk to victims

A recent study by Baylor University shows that visits to intensive care units and morgueshave a good chance of increasing a teen’s driving safety awareness. In case you find that to be too drastic, see if you know or can find anyone who’s life was negatively impacted by a car crash. It could be a drunk driving victim who can no longer walk or a friend that lost a family member from someone else’s mistake. Schools often have seminars featuring those guilty of irresponsible driving to give a tragic talk about their mistakes so that the students do not go down their path.

With how dangerous teen driving can be in a massive city like New York, it is critical that they fully know the importance of safe driving habits. It is a place where motorists must quickly adapt to their surroundings to avoid angering and putting thousands of others in danger. The faster they know this, the less you have to worry about.

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