In a city like New York, drivers need to be on constant alert from every angle of their car to avoid any traffic accidents. Unfortunately, some cars contain massive interior blind spots that could leave drivers vulnerable if a nearby vehicle is within the area the spot covers up.

Thankfully, vehicle companies have been installing most of their newer cars with blind spot monitors that alert drivers when a vehicle is in the blind spot. It has proven successful to minimize many car accidents within the last couple of years. However, the installation still has a few problems that can come with it. New York drivers should be aware of the various complications that appear when they equip this safety device.

It can turn off randomly

As with any good electronic system, a blind spot monitor can have a few technical hiccups once in a while. It could come from an internal wiring malfunction or it could be an older model. Whatever the reason, it can dangerous for New York drivers going on the Cross Bronx Expressway to have an error sign show up on their screen and not be able to tell if there is another driver right next to them. Similar to a television or internet connection, you can sometimes fix it by turning the vehicle on and off.

It is unreliable on dirty roads

One way for blind spot monitors to stop working suddenly is if dust or mud covers the sensors on the car that signal the monitor. While some are a result of poor maintenance like forgetting to dust the area, driving in naturally dirty areas can be more problematic. This is especially concerning for New York’s winters with how much mud and snow accumulates on the roads.

You can rely on them too much

A recent study by AAA confirms that multiple drivers do not fully understand the limitations of their car safety systems. One problem they found in their report is that almost 80 percent of drivers over rely on their blind spot monitoring system and 25 percent do not look for oncoming vehicles when changing lanes. While having a monitor is great to make sure you do not hit nearby vehicles, you should still make an attempt to check the lane you are about to go into in case your monitor proves to be faulty.

Blind spot monitors are a fantastic addition to the car to ensure that you do not hit one of the many New Yorkers that could be right next to you without your knowledge. However, you can increase your safety by knowing that the device is not perfect. Technology is meant to enhance your safety rather than make you oblivious to the problem at hand.

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