Much like any other mishap, most New Yorkers would like to think that a workplace injury simply will not happen. Also like other incidents, workplace injuries tend to happen when employees least expect them. When the unexpected occurs, what are the responsibilities of employers and their employees? 

First and foremost, Workplace Fairness stresses that safety should be a top priority. After addressing potential medical needs after a work accident happens, employees should report the incident to employers as quickly as possible. Documenting all details in writing is generally an ideal step. When it comes to the options regarding medical attention, the choice of doctor may depend on an employer’s coverage or state guidelines. Although there are some exceptions regarding mandator workers’ compensation insurance, a large majority of employers are required to have insurance coverage. Workplace Fairness also points out that if a worker discovers that their employer has failed to follow these guidelines, they may choose to sue for negligence.

There may be a fair share of hoops that employees must jump through to receive adequate workers’ compensation coverage, but many may also wonder what, exactly, is expected of employers during these situations. Inc. magazine shares a few pointers on the role of employer in the case of a workplace injury, sharing that employers should do the following after an incident:

  • Follow through with documentation and reporting
  • Remain in communication with workers’ compensation carriers
  • Welcome employees back after accidents
  • Stay consistent and responsible

According to Inc., employers should also stay up to date on current insurance policies, workers’ compensation guidelines and other aspects of workplace safety and injuries. While preventing every single accident is hardly possible, employers can make the work environment a safe one by remaining alert, establishing straightforward safety rules and always responding to employee needs and concerns.  

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