When New York drivers get into a two-car accident, determining who’s at fault can already be a tricky task. Add more cars to the equation and you have an even more complicated problem. Just how is fault determined when it comes to a crash that involves multiple vehicles?

FindLaw states that in these instances, crash reconstruction specialists are usually called in to help determine the actual cause of the accident and to find who is at fault for it. Every person involved in a crash and any possible witnesses will usually have their own account of what happened, but sometimes this information can clash. Crash reconstruction specialists exist to recreate the accident as accurately as possible, working with personal accounts to do so.

Sometimes, the fault may lie with many different parties as opposed to just one. In other cases, it might be that no one is actually liable for the crash. Generally speaking, either the first or last car in a pile-up or a collision with any large number of cars will have a greater chance of holding blame. Sometimes, both may share it.

There’s a huge amount at stake when it comes to multi-car crashes. The insurance company of the party that’s to blame will be paying for the damages of every other vehicle involved, making it a disastrously large tab that can be very damaging to your standing with your insurance. For this reason, those facing blame for fault may wish to pursue your legal options in order to protect yourself from further financial struggle.

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