For most people in New York, hopping into a car to go to work, to school, to run errands or attend social functions is just a normal part of everyday life. Little thought may actually be given to the fact that every time a person gets in a vehicle, they expose themselves to the risk of a car accident. Even with clear laws and improving technology at work, crashes seem to remain a fact of life. All too often, these crashes claim lives of innocent people.

Last year, more than 37,400 people lost their lives on America’s roads in automobile accidents. This number represents a significant jump of more than five and a half percent over the prior year. Perhaps even more startling is the fact that the number of people who died in car crashes in the U.S. in 2016 was higher than it has been in the span of nine years.

In evaluating the data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it appears that deaths in motorcycle crashes surged in 2016. So too did fatalities in which the people killed were not wearing seat belts. Excessive speed was another factor noted to be at play in many of the deaths in 2016. These things keep killing people despite better safety features in cars. Clearly, the negligence of humans continues to plague everyone.

New York residents may want to reach out to an attorney after a fatal accident happens. This may give them the chance to learn how they might be compensated for their loss.

Source: USA Today, “Deadly car crashes are on the rise again, hitting a 9-year high,” Nathan Bomey, October 6, 2017

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