Workers across the state of New York know the hazards present in the workplace. In fact, a new report from the National Safety Council, “State of Safety,” only gives New York a C for protecting workers on the job.

The report, which rates the safety of each state in the country based on road, home and workplace safety, found that 13 workers die in the United States each day. This number has actually been on the rise, and 2015 marked the second year in a row to see an increase in the number of workplace deaths. The most recent data available, 2015 had a reported 4,836 worker deaths. Injuries are even higher, with 12,000 employees hurt at work each day. For temporary workers, their risk is even more alarming: temporary workers are twice as likely to suffer a severe workplace injury, and they are often assigned more dangerous jobs. 

While there are federal workplace safety regulations in place, states also can exercise significant authority over the safety of their workers. New York was given a mid-range ranking, “Developing,” for two out of three categories, “Prevention, Preparedness and Enforcement” and “Worker Health and Wellbeing.” However, the state was given the highest rating, “On-track,” when it comes to the workers’ compensation system in place.

As CBS News reports, no state was given an A for overall safety. When it comes to workplace safety, on the other hand, two states were given the top score of A, Illinois and Washington, and Colorado, Minnesota and Washington, D.C., were also given high ratings. 

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