New York children are like most others who enjoy getting new toys from their parents. The types of toys available in stores seems endless, with new products arriving on shelves nearly every day, and advanced technology allowing toy manufacturers to offer highly complex games and devices that keep children (and many adults) entertained. You no doubt try to keep your child as safe as possible where toys are concerned. However, that’s sometimes impossible, especially if an accident occurs because a toy was defective.

Through the years, there have been many extremely dangerous items marketed and placed in the hands of children. If you follow consumer reports and do your best to keep updated on current recalls and other toy injury information, you may be able to avoid disaster. Even if you’re a conscientious, cautious parent, a situation may occur beyond your control.

Is there a toy like any of these in your child’s closet?

It’s always a good idea to regularly inspect your child’s toys, checking for appropriately attached parts and that things are functioning properly. It’s still possible that your child may own a toy that increases his or her risk for injury, and you may not even be aware of it. The following list shows some of the most dangerous toys of all time that stores have sold:

  • A popular Hannah Montana card game was a big hit with the pre-teen crowd, until stores removed it from their shelves because it contained lead. Even small amounts of lead in the blood stream can cause serious health problems.
  • Stores banned lawn darts in the 1970s because they became knife-like projectiles when tossed. The pointed tips placed children at grave risk for injury. If your child has any toys that have pointed ends and that they can throw, you may want to consider removing them from his or her possession.
  • A bead-making kit was making children deathly ill several years ago. It was later learned that there was a chemical compound in the toy that, when activated with water, made children sick. Some vomited after using the toy, and others became comatose.
  • Many stores sell slip-n-slide toys throughout the nation. They work by hosing them down with water so children can run and dive and slide along their slippery surfaces. Sales declined when parents learned this toy was causing injuries to children, but the market never removed them.

If a toy causes injury to your child while he or she is playing with it, your highest priority at the time is obviously to seek medical attention. Sadly, defective toys often cause very serious injuries, such as burns, deep lacerations, broken bones and, in worst cases, death. If a devastating injury from a defective toy turns your life upside down, it’s crucial to know where to turn for support in your time of need.

Other New York parents who have faced similar tragedies were able to seek justice on their children’s behalves by filing product liability claims in court. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, you can request a meeting with a personal injury attorney to learn more about it.

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