As a worker in New York, you have the right to know if your occupation is dangerous. Sometimes it is clear that a specific job is risky, but other times, it is not quite so clear. The first step to preventing workplace injuries is being aware because it allows you to be more vigilant about safety. Time compiled a list of the most dangerous jobs in 2015, which outlines the industries topping the list.

Narrowing down the riskiest job is complex because it varies based on what criteria you choose. However, it is easy to say that some jobs are simply more of a risk to your physical well-being than others. Logging, trucking, farming, fishing, and aviation were the most dangerous industries in 2015 with the most deaths and injuries compared to other industries. The top risks included being struck by an object, being involved in a transportation accident and falling.

However, sometimes the job you are working is not the issue. It has been found that age also plays a very large role in workplace accidents. As the population ages, more seniors are in the workforce, and injuries to this group are often much more severe than younger age groups. For example, a simple fall that might cause a couple bruises in someone in their 30s could result in broken bones and serious injuries to someone over the age of 55. So, even the most benign industry could turn into a dangerous job if you are a senior. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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