You probably heard the recent news about the Galaxy Note 7, that they have a tendency to explode. One exploded on an airplane which necessitated an evacuation and a few caught fire while people were asleep. They caught fire before the recall and after. The original models and the “fixed” ones both explode. All of this news culminates in Samsung’s recent decisions to halt the Galaxy Note 7 production line.

When the first reports of Galaxy Note 7 fires trickled into Samsung, the technology giant kicked into high gear to identify the problem. It tasked hundreds of employees to test the phones and determine the cause of the issue.

Initial reports suggested a defective battery from a particular parts supplier. Samsung retooled its manufacturing, halted orders from that supplier, and issued new Galaxy Note 7’s without the battery. But the phones kept exploding.

Samsung is now wading into unprecedented territory, issuing a second recall for the fixed Galaxy Note 7. So far, it does not appear that Samsung has identified the cause of the explosions and as a safety measure, completely halted the Note 7 production line.

So far there are reports of 26 injuries and 55 instances of property damage.

If you were injured due to a dangerous product then you may want to speak with a lawyer, you could have an actionable claim. Products liability cases shift the burden of proof from the injured person to the seller or manufacturer of the good. A lawyer can help you identify the sellers, retailers, and manufacturers to ensure that you file a claim against the right party.

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