It seems that fatal shootings are becoming increasingly commonplace. Every week there is a new headline discussing the latest shooting or mass murder. Unfortunately, in Florida, a rising basketball star was gunned down after exiting a club. He received treatment at the local hospital. Sadly, he passed away. His family sent letters to the club owners notifying them of their intention to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

It appeared when the owners promoted the party/event; they specifically emphasized that the event did not require identification. The parents allege that this evidenced negligent security and created a situation in which adults could mingle with children. The basics of the lawsuit contend that this tragedy would not have occurred if the owners exercised appropriate security measures.

Wrongful death suits may be initiated against any party that negligently contributed to the death of your loved one. Therefore, these parents can sue both the shooter and anyone that contributed to that situation. For example, in this case, the owners of the club.

Wrongful death lawsuits are complicated because of the mix of emotional and legal issues. Wrongful death suits require the parents to relive their loss throughout the entire suit. If you do decide to pursue litigation, you can speak with an attorney about the process.

While this incident occurred in Florida, similarly tragic circumstances affect families everywhere, including New York. And even if there is no amount of financial compensation that can replace what you lost, an experienced attorney can act on your behalf and work to help you get the funds you need to begin your personal recovery.

Source: News-Press, “Club Blu: Setf’An Strawders’ family to file wrongful death suits,” Cory Mull, July 26, 2016

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