Putting your life in another person’s hands takes a tremendous amount of trust. These feelings of loss and confusion can be overwhelming but it is important that you clearly think through any decision you choose. You don’t want to make any rash choices. Here are six things to consider before filing a lawsuit.

First, how strong is your evidence? This is hard for you to judge on your own. Trust the judgment of your attorney and any hired medical experts to assess the reliability of your evidence.

Second, legal actions can be very expensive. When you speak with an attorney, be sure that he or she clearly goes over the projected costs. Don’t forget to discuss the fee structure, don’t become indebted to pursue a case.

Third, is there a time limit? All states impose some time limit, so it is imperative to speak to an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your rights.

Fourth, whom can you sue? This depends largely on who injured you. It could be the hospital, general doctor or surgical team. This will depend on the situation and who bears the most blame. Generally, you would file suit against most of them and sort it out during litigation.

Fifth, litigation is a very emotional endeavor. As you go through litigation, you will be asked to relive the trauma of your surgery. You will be asked about your pain, loss of movement and how this affected your everyday life. Reliving the pain can be very difficult for many people, carefully consider the emotional cost.

And finally, choose your attorney carefully. Your entire case will hinge on the skill of your attorney. Don’t be afraid to meet with multiple attorneys. You need to be comfortable with your litigator.

If you were injured due to medical negligence then you may want to speak to an attorney, you could have an actionable claim. An attorney can review your case and help you strategize the best course to seek a recovery. Perhaps you should negotiate a settlement, file a lawsuit or agree to arbitration. Regardless of the strategy, an attorney can walk you through the pros and cons of each method. You don’t need to handle your case alone, an attorney can help you.

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