In New York, countless people are involved in serious accidents every year, some of which can leave them with permanent disabilities. However, even a seemingly minor incident can have life-changing results. Such is the case with mild brain injuries. These can result from blows to the head or even violent shaking, such as may occur during a car accident.

When the head is shaken or impacted in this way, it can cause the brain to knock against the inside of the skull or to rotate, damaging nerve cells as the are dragged across the skull’s inner surface. As this article on personal injury explains, this can stretch, compress or even tear the delicate neural cells, upsetting the fragile balance required for correct transmission of signals in the brain. As a result, various functions such as speech, movement, memory and even mood can be affected.

If you have been injured in a road accident or any other incident that was not your fault, you may feel angry, upset and confused. It can take a long time to come to terms with the effects of a brain injury, but there is support available. Your state will have organizations dedicated to helping brain injury victims adapt to the changes they experience and learn to restore as much normality to their lives as possible.

You may also benefit from the advice and support of an attorney. While legal matters may seem like a lot to think about when you are dealing with such a big change to your life, a successful compensation claim could dramatically reduce the financial burden of your injury. Your attorney can advise you about the steps you can take and may be able to assist you in pursuing the remuneration you deserve.

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