The birth of a baby is usually a happy event. It is a new chapter for the family and a new life to nurture, raise and share memories with. However, what should be a day of joy becomes a day of tragedy for some families, when negligent medical professionals make mistakes that result in the death of the mother, her baby or both. An event like this shakes the whole family, yet sadly it is one that all too many residents of New York have had to face.

If a woman close to you dies in childbirth, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. Whether she was your partner, daughter or mother, you are likely faced with a void that might never be filled. Furthermore, your family is left with funeral and medical expenses, not to mention the loss of income caused by your bereavement.

Furthermore, if your loved one has left behind any children, you may also have to consider who will have custody of them now their mother is gone. It is a huge amount to think about at an extremely difficult time. You may benefit from the advice of an attorney to help you understand your options and determine whether you can pursue compensation.

Negligent medical professionals must be confronted for their mistakes. As this article on wrongful death explains, when a woman dies in childbirth, all factors must be considered, from the medication and equipment to the staff involved in her care.

If any mistakes were made or any products were defective, leading to the woman’s injury, the people responsible may be held liable. Financial compensation can never make up for what you have lost, but it might at least relieve some of the financial burden on your family and reassure you that a just resolution to the situation has been reached.

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