The brain is a delicate thing and it only takes a seemingly small knock to cause a great deal of damage. It is an unfortunate fact that head injuries are a common occurrence and their after-effects can be devastating. In a recent and tragic accident in Manhattan, a fall resulted in a fatal head injury for the brother-in-law of the British Prince of Wales.

The 62-year-old conservation group chairman was attending a charity auction at Sotheby’s in New York. He is said to have been at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar, from which he went outside at approximately 2.30 a.m. to have a cigarette. Police report that, when they arrived, he was lying on the ground where they found him. It is believed that he fell backward as he tried to go back into the building via a revolving door.

According to the medical examiner’s office, the fall caused a skull fracture and a brain bleed. He was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital just before noon. According to British royal officials, his sister Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and her husband Charles, Prince of Wales, are understandably devastated by the loss. On receiving the news, Sotheby’s also expressed their sadness and said they were honored to have been able to assist in his charitable work.

This tragic accident reminds residents of New York that incidents like this can happen at any time to anyone. Brain injuries are extremely dangerous and even when they are not fatal, they can leave victims permanently altered and in need of long-term care. If you or a loved one has suffered brain trauma, you may want to seek compensation or make a claim on your insurance. An attorney might improve your chances of reaching a more favorable outcome and acquiring the support you need.

Source: CBS News,”Camilla’s brother’s death ruled an accident, family “utterly devastated”,” April 24, 2014

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