As any motorist in New York will tell you, driving in this city can be overwhelming. There always seems to be congestion or road work, and with the number of pedestrians and bicyclists who are also on the street, New York roads can be a dangerous place to be. And road conditions only get worse in the winter months.

During the winter, unsafe driving habits can have an even more devastating effect on other motorists because they may be more likely to contribute to a car accident. It can be easier to lose control of a car and crash into other vehicles or people when roads are slippery and covered in snow.

With the majority of winter still ahead of us, it might be a good time to remind drivers of some basic safety tips when it comes to safe winter driving.

According to AAA recommendations, in the winter, drivers should:

  • Speed up and slow down gradually to avoid losing traction
  • Allow plenty of time to stop, turn and accelerate
  • Pay attention to preventative car maintenance
  • Leave more space between cars and others on the road
  • Stay focused on the road and changing conditions
  • Avoid using cruise control and parking brake in slippery, snowy weather
  • Do not drive while impaired, distracted or fatigued

Winter driving can be treacherous. However, paying attention to these recommendations can make it more likely that a person will avoid an accident.

But while many of us know that we are expected to drive with caution, too many drivers fail to take these same precautions. When drivers are reckless, negligent or careless behind the wheel, they are putting the lives of every other person on the road at risk. No matter what season it is, victims of an accident should remember that unsafe drivers can be held accountable for damages resulting from their actions.

Source: AAA, “Winter Driving Tips,” copyright 2013

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