Many Manhattan residents may love to go to shopping malls. They can be great places to unwind and enjoy a day out. However, even a seemingly safe trip to the mall can result in an accident. A slip-and-fall accident is one of the most common occurrences inside a mall, causing serious injuries among shoppers. Mall owners and management personnel can be held liable if it is proven that they have failed to address imminent dangers that result in an accident that causes injuries, such as a wet floor or numerous other hazards.

Specifically, accidents involving elevators and escalators can cause a case of premises liability. In the nearby area of Paramus, New Jersey, an 8-year-old girl’s leg was recently trapped in an escalator at the Garden State Plaza Shopping Center. Based on the report, the young girl, accompanied by her brother and mother, was riding the escalator when her right leg got stuck in the escalator. The girl sustained serious injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The police investigated the accident. The escalator was also examined by an engineer and its operation was halted during the process. Shopping mall management also expressed their sympathy to the child and her family.

In this case, it was fortunate that the child’s accident was less severe than it could have been since the escalator’s operation was stopped in time. Still, there is the probability that the escalator may have malfunctioned before the incident happened. The family of the child will learn more once the results of the investigation are released. At this point, the family most likely will want to follow the progress of the investigation closely. The family may also be able to file a premises liability lawsuit as the accident resulted in their child being injured.

People living near Manhattan, New York, and local residents may wish to speak with a legal professional about their premises liability concerns. By doing so, a victim can work closely with those who can look at every angle of the case and determine whom to hold liable for potential claims.

Source: New York CBS Local, “Girl, 8, hurt in escalator accident at Garden State Plaza,” Aug. 16, 2013

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