Most residents of Manhattan, New York, spend a large portion of their lives working to earn for future needs. A part of these earnings is often set aside for nursing home plans so that when the person retires they can live comfortably in pleasant surroundings and be well taken care of. Because of this, many people spend a lot of time looking for nursing homes that will provide a safe environment for them or their elderly family members.

Fortunately, there are many private and state websites that give out nursing home information. There’s the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that has inspection records dating back to 2010. Their website accumulates results from citations and penalties. There is also a website called Mass Senior Care, which offers checklists of qualities that a nursing home should possess.

Experts also advise families to actually visit the prospective nursing homes after they complete their research. They should be attentive to every detail concerning the nursing home they choose; from lighting within the facility to the appearance of residents and cleanliness. They should also visit the facilities at random times to learn about what is happening at different periods during the day.

All of these are effective tools that can help Manhattan residents select a good nursing home. However, these pre-emptive measures may not ensure that nursing home residents are free from harm due to events such as a slip-and-fall accident. Readers should remember that nursing homes are responsible for providing a safe environment for their residents and they may be held liable in the event that an accident occurs because of their negligence. If such an accident happens, a Manhattan resident may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against the negligent nursing home.

Source:, “State and privately run websites aid families in selecting a nursing home,” Dana Trismen, July 23, 2013

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