Automotive accidents are quite common in New York State. With this type of accident a victim may sometimes experience whiplash. This effect is known to be the cause of numerous spine injuries in accident victims. However, what some people do not realize is that whiplash may also bring about changes to the human body that can result in brain injury.

A study aimed at observing the correlation between whiplash and brain injury was recently conducted by a group of experts. MRI scans from approximately 1,200 patients with neck pain were examined. It was discovered that whiplash patients were more likely to have changes to the brain that resulted in brain injury.

A leading expert in brain injuries said that this condition could be relatively agonizing and may put the victim’s life in danger. Headaches, neck pain and numbness in upper extremities are among the symptoms. He added that in some cases there may also be brain dysfunction and lower extremity weakness. 23 percent of the cases studied were observed to involve brain injury, as stated by the initial findings.

As experts have explained, whiplash and other effects resulting from vehicular accidents can ultimately ruin the victim’s health. Traumatic brain injury victims may lose many of their physical and mental abilities, including motor skills and comprehension. As a result, people with TBI are commonly faced with a difficult situation wherein they become unfit for their jobs and are in need of long-term medication.

It’s a good thing that New York State has laws to help TBI victims under such circumstances. An accident victim who is suffering from TBI may exercise their rights and file a lawsuit against the negligent party. The lawsuit may then provide justice for the victim’s pain and suffering in the form of compensation. The compensation may also pay for the TBI victim’s medication as the person recovers from the accident.

Source:, “Whiplash Can Cause Brain Injury in Over 20% of Cases,” May 31, 2013

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