Distracted driving and failure to obey traffic signals cause car accidents every day. Eating, drinking and texting on the phone may result in another person’s serious injuries. Recently, a car accident involving five vehicles led to a person being taken to a local hospital in New York.

According to New York State Police, a vehicle rear-ended another vehicle, which led to a multi-car crash. Police say that the rear-ending caused a chain reaction of cars involving five different vehicles. One person suffered minor injuries as a result of the crash and was taken to a local hospital.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a person in the United States is in a car accident every ten seconds. Some of these car accidents can lead to legal claims against the person causing the accident. A legal claim individuals typically use in a car accident case is negligence. When an individual fails to use reasonable care when operating a car, the individual may be liable for negligence. A person injured in a car accident, or their loved ones, may bring a negligence suit against the driver. The injured, also known as the plaintiff, must show that the driver failed to use reasonable care in the circumstances, and this negligence was the cause of the accident. The plaintiff must also prove that their injuries were a result of the accident.

In considering whether a defendant was negligent, the court may look at evidence of the defendant’s failure to obey traffic signs, failure to use proper signals when turning, failure to obey the speed limit and drunk driving. Other causes of car accidents may include reckless driving and drunk driving.

When a person fails to use reasonable care while driving, others may be harmed as a result. It is important that drivers use caution when driving and attempt to limit the possible distractions in the car.

Source: 12 WBNG Action News, “Multi-Car Crash Backs Up Traffic,” Casey Killian, Jan. 9, 2013

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