Brain injuries resulting from an accident or another’s negligence occur on a daily basis. Often, the person suffering from the injury and his or her loved ones are faced with unexpected hardships, which may include planning for lifelong assistance. In New York and elsewhere, the injured and their families may seek financial compensation for costs resulting from the injury, such as medical costs and loss of income. Parents of a 1-month-old daughter may consider this option after police said that their friend caused a brain injury to their child.

The Massachusetts man suspected in the case pleaded not guilty to the charge recently and at the time this post was written he was being held on $100,000 bail. Police say that while babysitting the baby, the man injured the infant. The baby’s injuries include a brain injury, bruises and rib fractures. According to police, the man told them that the injuries were the result of an accident; that he tripped on one a toy and dropped the baby.

Although the man has been criminally charged for the baby’s injuries, the parents of the baby may also be considering the option of filing a civil complaint against the man. The general standard for finding whether a person is liable for injuries is negligence. When a person acts in an unreasonable way that harms another person, negligence can be claimed. Through civil action, families of the injured may find a financial solution to the costs resulting from the accident or a person’s negligence.

Unexpected brain injuries may leave the injured and their families’ lives forever changed. But financial compensation may provide a means for a resolution to the changes resulting from the injury.

Source: The Sun Chronicle, “Son taken from North Attleboro man accused of injuring infant he was babysitting,” David Linton, Aug. 29, 2012

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