Nodding off while driving, chatting on the phone while behind the wheel or simply lack of attention to the road are only a few of the mistakes drivers sometimes make. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cause car accidents, leading to serious injury or even death. A New York Jets player knows the seriousness of these accidents firsthand.

Muhammad Wilkerson, the Jets’ first-round draft pick last year, was charged with failure to maintain his lane and careless driving after his actions caused a collision late last month. Officers do not suspect that alcohol played a role in the crash. And although Wilkerson had to crawl away from the wreckage of his car, apparently no one else was suffered serious injuries.

The accident happened in New Jersey. According to official reports, Wilkerson’s Dodge Challenger rammed into another vehicle carrying 10 people. Once the vehicles collided, Wilkerson’s car flipped and slid approximately 10 yards on its roof. After he was able to pull himself out from under the vehicle, he was transported to the hospital.

Wilkerson is very fortunate. He walked away with a laceration on his arm that required stitches, but that’s about it. Three of the 10 individuals in the van he struck complained of pain, but none of them received any treatment for their injuries.

Accidents like this can easily cause serious injury to everyone involved. Sometimes injuries don’t fully manifest themselves for days after the accident. If the person at fault severely injures or even causes death to anyone in the vehicle they strike, the victims should know they have the right to have that person held accountable and to seek due compensation for their pain and suffering.

Source: Atlanta Black Star, “Jets’ Muhammad Wilkerson Charged In Car Accident,” ABS Staff, June 26, 2012

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