Brain injuries are very serious. In many cases, a person who has suffered a brain injury will need lifelong care.

Last fall, a New York philanthropist and mother suffered a serious brain injury. Through this trauma she lost the use of her left eye. The injury resulted from the negligence and reckless actions of two teenage boys.

The woman was out shopping for Halloween candy for under-privileged children when the teenagers hoisted a shopping cart over a parking garage, sending it crashing down 50 feet. Sadly, the woman was in the path of the shopping cart. The incident was witnessed by her 13-year-old son and was also caught on a tape.

The negligence of these young boys left the woman in a coma and fighting for her life for weeks.

While most individuals would be overcome by anger at the negligence of these two teenagers, the woman has forgiven them. She says she is mostly concerned about how her son is handling the accident since he witnessed the entire tragedy.

Many individuals in a similar situation would be far less forgiving. The woman’s father-in-law is one of those individuals, feeling that the teenage boys at fault will learn nothing if they are not more severely punished.

One of the teenagers has been sentenced to six to 18 months in a non-secure facility. The other is required to spend six to 16 months in a therapeutic group home.

It is important for individuals to know their options if found in a similar situation. People who have had a family member suffer a brain injury due to the negligence of others may want to consider contacting an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss their options. Victims and their families may be awarded compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: ABC News, “New York Woman Blinded by Shopping Cart Dropped by Teens Forgives Them,” Kevin Dolak and Dan Harris, March 20, 2012

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