Grieving individuals search for a way to become whole again. In an attempt to accomplish this goal, they sometimes pursue a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A woman in New York has found herself in this situation. This woman has been grieving for some time after her daughter was murdered by the man known as the Craigslist killer in April 2009.

The murder occurred at the Boston Marriott Copley hotel where the daughter was working as a prostitute. The woman is claiming the hotel chain, which she is suing, knew of the prostitution occurring at the hotel in the months before her daughter’s death.

In her wrongful death suit, she contends that the hotel chain failed to prevent this prostitution, which in turn allowed her daughter and other women to perform sexual services in its hotel rooms. Permitting such prostitution to occur made these women vulnerable to attacks, and her suit charges that the Marriott had a duty to prevent these illegal acts by taking any reasonable steps. The complaint cites the hotel chain’s negligence as the “proximate cause” of her daughter’s death.

She asserts that many men came and went from her daughter’s hotel room the night of the murder at the Boston Marriott, further evidencing the chain’s knowledge of the prostitution. Her claims stem from the fact that a prostitute was held at gunpoint and robbed at a hotel near the Boston Marriott Copley a mere four days prior to her daughter’s murder.

Individuals grieving for the loss of a loved one need support and guidance, and an attorney experienced with wrongful death claims may be able to help.

Source: The Boston Globe, “Mother of Craigslist victim sues Marriott,” Travis Andersen, April 13, 2012

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