Car accidents occur on a daily basis across the nation. Their outcomes vary, sometimes resulting in the death of a loved one. If the negligence of an individual is the cause, a civil suit may be in order.

A fatal crash occurred recently in New York between a tractor-trailer and a livery car. The tractor-trailer was headed north on Central Park Avenue just before the Cross Country Parkway ramp.

While not yet confirmed, police are still relying on reports suggesting that the livery car may have been backing up after overshooting the Cross County Parkway when the truck smashed the car into a concrete divider.

The collision caused a fire, resulting in a female passenger of the livery car being badly burned and killed. The livery car reportedly picked her up in the Bronx, and at the time of the crash she was riding in the back of the car. An autopsy was performed on the 26-year-old woman, but officials are not commenting on the results. The medical examiner will determine whether she died as a result of the crash or the fire that occurred after.

The driver of the livery car was taken to the hospital, but suffered only non-life-threatening injuries. The tractor-trailer driver was treated for minor injuries.

The accident occurred early in the morning hours and caused the northbound I-87 Thruway to be closed for two hours. One lane finally opened at 8:30 a.m., while the other two lanes remained closed until the truck was removed around 12:45 p.m.

State police officers are currently seeking witnesses to this accident.

Accidents, truck accidents in particular, often result in serious and fatal injuries. Liability and insurance issues are often a question in these cases, and an experienced attorney can help. They will use their knowledge to guide an individual through this painful process and make certain they are aware of their rights in such a tragic situation.

Source: The Journal News, “Police probe fiery fatal crash on Yonkers’ Central Park Ave.,” Rob Ryser and Rebecca Baker, April 7, 2012

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