Commuting to and from work is just part of the daily routine for many workers in New York, especially for those who hold more than one job. While some commuters will take the subway or a taxi, others will choose to drive themselves to and from work. Motorists in a rush may try to multi-task while driving by checking their email or responding to a text on their smartphones. However, as we all know by now, the use of a cellphone while behind the wheel is distracting and could lead to car accidents.

Despite the known dangers, there will be those who simply cannot ignore their phone while driving. While the law and other approaches to distracted driving focus on punishing those who text while driving, according to the New York Times, one entrepreneur has created an app that rewards motorists who drive safely.

Titled, “This App Saves Lives,” the app has a global positioning sensor that senses when the car is moving at least 10 miles per hour. If so, the app will monitor the motorist’s cellphone use. Drivers earn points for not using their cellphone while driving, and points are deducted if the motorist uses their cellphone while behind the wheel. Drivers who accumulate enough points can redeem them for rewards, such as free milkshakes or rewards from their employers.

While this app is meant to prevent distracted driving, there will always be those who flaunt both the laws of New York State and the safety of fellow commuters and will try to text while driving. Doing so can cause devastating accidents. Your daily commute should be uneventful, so if you are involved in a car crash caused by a distracted driver, you will want to determine what your legal options are moving forward.

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