It’s no secret that the summer months are some of the most dangerous times to be a motorist in New York with the amount of reckless drivers everywhere. If you look at most reports, July and August often have the highest DUI fatality rates out of any month. According to the NHTSA, August had the second highest fatality rate in 2017 and was only behind July by 0.6 percent.

As the last month of summer kicks into full gear, it is important for local drivers to understand why there are so many tragic accidents during the eighth month of the year. It can help them understand what to expect behind the wheel and how they can prepare themselves before heading out.

One last hurrah

School may not start until September for most high school and elementary students, but many college students are starting to pack up their clothes and books. Before they start studying again, they might want one last night out with their friends, family and a couple of beer bottles.

Teenagers and young adults have much higher chances of getting involved in a DUI accident than other age groups. The NHTSA report states that drivers between 21 to 24-years-old had the highest rate in 2017 with 27 percent. Some save their celebrations for when they get back to their dorms, so be on the lookout if you’re driving close to a college campus.

Trouble on the water

It isn’t just car drivers that suffer from alcohol-related tragedies during this time. August is one of the last good months for boat owners to spend some time on the waterways at Long Beach. The area will be particularly busy for families that want to spend time together before the kids go back to school.

Unfortunately, there have been several deadly accidents this year around Long Island’s beaches. Lawmakers are now pushing for a bill that makes it a felony to commit a BWI with a child on the boat and to increase local enforcement funding. Whether or not they succeed, be aware that there are plenty of inattentive and inexperienced boat owners on the water on those hot summer days.

Hectic holidays

Closing out the summer is Labor Day weekend. The last days in August usually involve thousands of families traveling across the nation, throwing commemorative barbecues and purchasing a lot of alcohol. If you plan on joining in the festivities, make sure you have a sober friend or access to a cab or ride-sharing service to take you home safely.

Plan the timing and routes of your rides carefully during this chaotic month in the Big Apple. If you end up getting hurt by a drunk driver regardless of how many precautions you took, contact a motor vehicle accident attorney to help you with any financial problems caused by the accident.

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