If your child is under the age of twelve, you know the struggle of finding care options while you’re at work or after they are done with school. Sometimes, that may mean leaving your child with a new daycare, babysitter or at a friend’s house.

Especially for very young children, there are many hazards in New York City that could happen in the blink of an eye if their caretaker isn’t watchful.

Fire escapes

While fire escapes are meant to increase tenant safety, they’re not safe to use unless there is a fire in the building. Children can easily fall from a fire escape and suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Though many children may be tempted to venture out onto it, it is completely irresponsible to allow a child onto a fire escape outside of a fire emergency.

Public transportation

If your caregiver is planning to take your child somewhere, it’s worth it to pay extra for a taxi service. Even if your supervisor is careful to keep your child away from the subway tracks, his or her safety could still be threatened during rush hour, if there is a fight between riders or if the conductor drives the train aggressively.

The general conditions of the subways are also dangerous. For example, recently, a woman who was taking her child down the subway steps in a stroller tripped and fell to her death. The station did not have an elevator — only about a quarter of New York’s subways do.

Construction work

Another hazard New York City is well-known for is constant construction. Child care providers should keep children from wandering into construction zones — even if workers are not present.

Unattended tools, loose wires and temporary supports are all hazards that could lead to an accident if they’re tampered with.

Getting help after an injury

If you return to your child to find that their caregiver has been negligent, consult with a skilled personal injury attorney about the situation. A lawyer can help you determine your options to get the costs covered for this carelessness.

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