Fatal pedestrian accidents are at a 100-year low in New York City. In 2017, 101 pedestrians died after being hit by motor vehicles. That number is almost half of what it was in 2013, when the city instituted its Vision Zero plan to keep pedestrians safe. However, the number of pedestrian deaths that have been in the news recently, including a high profile limo accident case, raises cause for concern that the problem is still a long way from solved.

The Vision Zero Plan In Action

An article from the New York Times credits the city’s Vision Zero plan for the reduced number of pedestrian deaths, which is especially impressive considering the fact that, nationwide, traffic deaths have increased. This ambitious Vision Zero plan has included updating traffic lights, street corners, signs and speed limits, as well as calling for stricter enforcement of traffic laws.

While the reduced number of pedestrian fatalities is wonderful, 101 deaths is still a lot, and there were many more people who suffered serious injuries in pedestrian accidents. Further, the article points out that, while the pedestrian death toll is down, the number of deaths from bike, motorcycle and car accidents actually increased during 2017.

The Vision Zero plan is a work in progress, and there is more work to do. Hopefully, this work will lead to an even more dramatic reduction in traffic deaths and traffic injuries. In the meantime, individuals and families whose lives have been affected by the negligence of another driver should remember that they can pursue a claim to seek compensation and hold the responsible party accountable for their carelessness.

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