Most New Yorkers are aware that the state provides workers’ compensation benefits, but coming face-to-face with the stressful obstacle of a workplace injury is another story. Not only does an incident affect one’s physical wellbeing; it can grip victims with a mountain of mental and emotional stress. While an injury can change one’s life forever, the benefits that often apply can make a world of a difference.

The Times Union reported last December that New York is no stranger to workplace injuries; in fact, statewide statistics show a rise in the number of fatal injuries that occurred on the job. New York’s numbers rose 15 percent from 2015 to 2016, with a large percentage of all workplace accidents involving transportation. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration points the blame toward the nationwide opioid crisis that has drastically affected Americans both at home and in the workforce. Other causes can be traced back to the industries themselves, as The Times Union goes on to note that health services and even education saw increases in the number of workplace injuries in recent years.

In New York, employees are entitled to various benefits when they experience an injury while at work. The state’s website informs the public that employees may receive cash benefits, medical benefits, supplemental benefits, social security benefits and death benefits — however, each case is unique and may come with different results. Generally speaking, employees who are completely or partially disabled receive cash benefits, and medical benefits can help employees with testing, X-rays and other needs. Supplemental benefits can assist those struggling with rising costs of care. Social Security benefits, as the state’s website shares, are typically for workers who face serious and debilitating injuries; death benefits can help surviving spouses and minor children. A workplace injury can seriously alter an employee’s life, but the potential benefits can help one pick up the pieces and move forward.   

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