Any accident can be frightening, but a brain injury is an entirely different story. Even a small concussion can have hidden dangers that can expose themselves over time. While most New York residents know that a brain injury of any kind can be crucial, few know the various types of injuries and the short- and long-term effects they can have on an individual’s life.

First, many might wonder, how does a traumatic brain injury directly affect the brain? BrainLine first explains that there are two main areas where brain trauma occur, known as focal injuries and diffuse injuries. There can be both primary injuries, which occur immediately, and secondary, which become apparent over time. Essentially, a primary brain injury can cause the brain to bleed, swell or suffer from torn nerve fibers.  

Healthline also provides a rundown of TBI and the ways they affect the brain, also giving a list of various types. Perhaps the most widely known, concussions are a type of TBI in which a person’s brain hits against the walls of the skull, causing short-term damage. However, Healthline warns that repeated concussions could result in long-term effects. A hematoma is another type of brain injury — one that Healthline calls serious — in which a collection of blood vessels builds up in the brain. Hemorrhages occur when the brain bleeds uncontrollably, resulting in pressure buildup. Healthline also mentions skull fractures, another common cause of brain injuries. Because a broken skull cannot withstand the impact of a hit, the brain can ultimately pay the price. Navigating through any type of brain injury can be overwhelming in itself, but learning about various types can prepare one for the recovery process.  

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