Nearly any type of large truck accident you can imagine is terrifying to think about. From being t-boned or rear-ended by a commercial truck to getting hit head-on or involved in a chain reaction crash, you and other New Yorkers could face serious injuries or death when confronted by a semi on the road. Another frightening, potentially devastating and common type of truck accident is a rollover crash.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains that truck driver error accounts for 78 percent of rollover crashes across the country. However, not all accidents are due to an inattentive or reckless trucker. The following factors are often involved in rollovers:

  • Speed, swerving between lanes or taking a turn too fast
  • Adverse weather, especially ice, rain or wind
  • The driver being distracted, fatigued or intoxicated
  • The truck needing maintenance or sustaining a blown tire or failed brakes
  • Cargo that is improperly loaded or has shifted during transport

If you encounter a tipping truck, your primary risk is being crushed by the much larger vehicle. Escaping that, you might be harmed by flying cargo or spilled diesel fuel. Chain reaction crashes are secondary accidents that may occur when a truck rolls, either when drivers attempt to avoid the crash while it is happening or when they are unaware of the disabled truck up ahead.

You might avoid being caught in a rollover accident by avoiding driving next to a large truck whenever possible. However, not all crashes can be avoided, in which case you may be eligible for compensation if the driver or company was found to be responsible.

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