A workplace injury is an occurrence most employees assume they can avoid entirely. Just as with any accident, most New Yorkers suffer injuries when they least expect them. When an accident happens on the job, workers have specific rights to compensation and benefits, depending on the situation and the type of injury. Knowing the state’s workplace injury basics can increase the chances of a smoother process, should the unexpected take place. 

Many employees might wonder, how common are injuries among New York’s jobs in the first place? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New York saw roughly 139,000 nonfatal workplace injuries in 2016 — all under the state’s private industry employers. 79,700 of those injuries were severe enough to keep employees away from work or restricted from certain duties. Commonly known as DART cases, these types of workplace injuries largely involved cases that kept employees away from work for at least one day. Less severe cases accounted for 59,700 of the total injuries in the state that year. 

Because an accident can take place in any industry, it is important to understand New York’s laws on workplace injuries and the appropriate process to follow in the case of an accident. The state’s Workers’ Compensation Board notes that, in the case of an injury, employees should prioritize medical attention over any other aspect. This treatment must come from the employer’s authorized health care provider under the Workers’ Compensation Board. After an employee has received proper attention, the Workers’ Compensation Board stresses the importance of notifying the supervisor on duty of the accident; workers must also file the report in writing within 30 days after the date of the incident. If employees fail to submit the report within this timeframe, they could risk losing their workers’ compensation benefits. As the Workers’ Compensation Board shares, there are other details to workplace injuries that can apply, depending on the type of accident.  

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