New York residents who want to make wise choices about how they can or should get from one place to another this time of year have no shortage of options anymore. Certainly there is a strong public transportation infrastructure in the city that most parts of the country do not enjoy. There are also ridesharing services and the good old-fashioned taxi cab. All of these allow people to get home safely if they have been drinking and they also allow riders to use their phones as they wish.

In fact, in December as the holiday shopping season was in full force, the taxi cabs throughout New York City were reported to have been offering reduced prices in order to encourage more people to be safe and catch a ride instead of driving themselves home. Integral to the safety of this method of transportation, however, is the responsibility of the individual cab driver. Clearly human nature has some work to do based upon what one news reporter experienced when she herself was a passenger in a New York City cab.

The driver was filmed initially holding his phone up and engaging in a FaceTime conversation with another person. Then, the driver put the phone down and would glance down at it to continue the conversation. All of this happened while the driver was operating the cab in the middle of the city.

New York residents who are concerned about dangerous drivers and their own safety might want to reach out to a lawyer to learn how they can protect themselves.

Source: CBS New York, “CBS2 Exclusive: Ali Bauman Catches Cab Driver On Face Time While Behind Wheel,” December 20, 2017

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