Most drivers in New York have at some point been next to, behind or directly in front of a semi truck or some other very large commercial vehicle on the road. This experience can often make a person in a regular passenger car feel dwarfed and have a new realization of and appreciation for the sheer size and weight of these big rigs. These factors most certainly can make an accident with one of these trucks very serious for people in cars, pickup trucks and SUVs.

Today, the friends and family members of one man are mourning his loss after he was hit and killed by a trucker operating a semi. The crash occurred in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday along a portion of Route 440 near Perth Amboy. Reports had been made detailing emergency calls made to report a semi truck that was driving in an erratic manner. These calls were noted just shortly before the accident happened.

The trucker is said to have ran into the back of a passenger vehicle, pushing it into the car in front if it. The driver in the middle vehicle was a man who was only 45 years old. Details of his injuries are not known but he died roughly one hour after being hit. It is not yet known if the trucker was impaired by alcohol or drugs or fatigued.

After a tragic accident in which someone is killed by the negligence of another person, those left behind might want to talk with an attorney in New York who knows how to appropriately seek compensation.

Source: NBC New York, “Man Dies in Crash With Tractor-Trailer in New Jersey: Police,” September 7, 2017

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