Over recent years, more and more individuals have chosen walking as a favored means of transportation. You may find that the sidewalk offers numerous benefits, such as avoiding traffic and/or high fuel costs. Perhaps you live in a densely-populated area, and, therefore, you are often able to make it to and from your destination much faster if you walk. However, there are some risks involved in almost all circumstances where pedestrians are walking near any form of motor vehicle traffic.

In the battle of car versus person, you probably already know the outcome. Accidents that occur under these circumstances often end in disaster. If you were involved in a pedestrian accident resulting in serious injuries, you could be entitled to seek compensation, but you may be unsure of how to proceed.

How do I know if the driver was at fault?

There are numerous factors that can contribute to a pedestrian-related accident. Some areas that may indicate the presence of negligent driving are as follows:

  • Failure to heed a crosswalk: Pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk. If a car hits you while you were using a crosswalk, this factor alone may determine negligence.
  • Distracted or drunk driving:  It can be difficult, if not impossible, for a pedestrian to react to the actions of a distracted and/or drunk driver. If these types of negligence are present in your accident, you will likely have grounds to seek restitution.
  • Failure to obey traffic laws: Drivers who speed and/or disobey traffic lights or signs are often the cause of dangerous accidents. Even if you are careful and look both ways before walking, avoiding a fast-moving car is challenging.
  • Failure to account for weather: Certain weather conditions can reduce a driver’s visibility, as well as his or her ability to safely operate a vehicle. If you are unable to avoid walking in inclement weather, you may want to use extreme caution.

Perhaps the area you live in is often heavily congested with traffic, such as certain parts of New York. With a plethora of vehicles nearby, pedestrians may want to take exceptional care to obey the rules of the road. If you were injured in a pedestrian accident, you should secure effective legal assistance.

Where can I turn for assistance in pursuing restitution?

So, a vehicle hit you while you were out walking, causing you to suffer serious injuries which you find are challenging to overcome both physically and financially. If the driver is deemed negligent in the accident, you should seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Since the process can be extremely intricate, gaining assistance from a knowledgeable attorney is often advisable. An attorney can significantly increase your odds of receiving the maximum amount of restitution to which you are entitled.

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