New York city streets are busy places, and accidents are not uncommon. When a large truck is involved, it increases the chances for more extreme injuries and damages. At , we understand the risks of being involved in a truck accident. It can be a very difficult situation because of the complex insurance issues and the involvement of the trucking company. You can educate yourself about these accidents to learn more about the risks of getting into one and why they occur.

Truck accidents are usually caused by driver error or equipment failure. In some cases, the company may be pushing their drivers too hard, demanding them to meet schedules that are impossible. This leads to speeding, reckless driving and fatigued driving. The worst injuries in an accident involving a large vehicle are usually those in the other vehicle. It is a simple matter of science. Larger objects will cause more damage to a smaller object than the other way around.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that in 2015, that 69 percent of the 3,852 deaths associated with large truck accidents were to the occupants of other vehicles. In addition, most of these accidents occurred between 6 am and 3 pm on main roads, not including freeways and interstates.  

The good news was that alcohol was rarely involved in such crashes. More often, fatigue and brake issues were to blame. In addition, seat belt usage did not really seem to affect the chances of death for those in other involved vehicles. Of those who died in a crash, 48 percent were wearing a seatbelt and 44 percent were not. To learn more about truck accidents, visit our website

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