Earlier this year, a truck was led astray by a defective navigation app which stranded his truck on a rail crossing. The driver left the truck to seek assistance, and a train crashed into the truck, derailing it. The accident caused several fatalities. The driver is now being indicted for vehicular manslaughter and other associated charges. The heart of this accident is the failure of the navigation app and the lack of safety warnings for rail crossings. This post will go over the dangers with navigation apps and what is being done to make them safer.

It is estimated that one billion people globally use a navigation app at least once a week. That is a lot of people who could potentially be led astray by defective or insufficiently safe information. To address these concerns, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has been lobbying technology companies to add safety warnings for railroad crossings.

Everyone is familiar with the funny videos on Facebook showing people who drive into lakes because their navigation told them too. Therefore, everyone knows that bugs are an inevitable part of digital life. The real concern isn’t about the impossible dream of a bug-free Internet but rather, introducing sufficient safety alerts to warn people of potential dangers.

Were you injured due to a bug in the in the app or defective product? If yes, then you may want to contact a lawyer to review your rights to compensation. Products liability cases arise whenever a product does not perform as anticipated and that failure results in an injury. These cases are relatively straightforward, assuming you know all of the legal loopholes that can get throw in your way. An attorney can help you navigate those loopholes and ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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