People don’t get behind the wheel of their vehicle and ponder the likelihood that they will become involved in a car collision. Every day millions of people wake up and drive to work. It is as intuitive as eating or breathing for many people and most people don’t consider the possibility that they will lose their breath or choke on something. Car accidents happen to “other” people. Unfortunately, with millions of drivers on the road every day, accidents are not a matter of if but when.

If you haven’t been in an accident yet, there is a reasonable possibility that you will eventually get into an accident at some point. When you do, it is important that you understand the nature of the injuries you may sustain. Far too often, people shrug off injuries which they believe are minor but are in fact severe or even fatal. A combination of adrenaline and inexperience with car accidents can often mean that people ignore or do not even notice that their body has suffered serious injury. This post will address some of the injuries you can expect to incur.

A very common injury associated with car collisions are soft tissues injuries. Soft tissues are things like ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The most common of these injuries involve sprains to ligaments due to an overextension of a joint. You can think of this as the classic “rolled ankle” injury. Another typical harm is contusions or bruises. Finally, strains or overuse of a muscle or tendon is another common injuries. This injury results when your body strains to maintain its relative position during an accident, for example, trying bracing yourself for the crash.

Soft tissue injuries can cause great discomfort from soreness, stiffness, and swelling. These injuries result because vehicle occupants are bumped or violently jolted. Keep in mind that while bruises and sprains do not sound serious, it all matters where they occur. A sprained back or bruised brain could be serious or even fatal.

If a negligent driver hit you then you may want to consult with a lawyer, you may have a meritorious claim for personal injury. An attorney can go over the facts with you and outline potential legal strategies to ensure that you maximize your opportunity for recovery.

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