Brakes are among the most under-appreciated parts of any car. Advertisements and movies always focus on the acceleration and torque, not on the brakes. Luckily, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does not neglect brakes in the same way that pop culture does. NHTSA announced a new voluntary initiative to make “smart brakes” on cars an industry standard by 2022. This post will go over this new technology and how it may impact you.

“Smart brakes,” also known as Automatic Emergency Brakes, are the latest in car safety technology. AEBs use a combination of lasers, sensors, cameras and sophisticated algorithms to detect hazards in the road. If the system deduces that the driver has not reacted appropriately to a danger, the AEB engages and slows the vehicle down.

So far, 20 car companies have signed the pledge. Tesla, General Motors, Nissan, Land Rover, Audi, Kia, Maserati and more have all agreed to place AEBs on all cars by 2022. These 20 companies control 99 percent of the American car market, so nearly every car in the country will have these eventually.

NHTSA estimates that voluntary cooperation will bring AEBs to market-wide penetration three years sooner than traditional regulatory processes. It further estimates that in those three saved years, AEBs will prevent 28,000 crashes and 12,000 injuries.

If you were injured or your car totaled in a car accident, then you may want to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer can review your case to ensure that your right to recovery is respected by the other driver and the insurance companies. You shouldn’t have to pay to fix your car or for your medical bills. You deserve that money to help get your life back together.

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