Most families in New York rely on a car to get about. They drive to work or to the grocery store, they drive their children to school or to visit friends. They even load up the whole household to go on holidays. The people who are most frequently in your car are often those closest to you, yet they are also the ones who are at risk if you are involved in an accident.

This is especially the case for children. As this article on car accidents explains, this is one of the primary causes of fatalities in children. They are small and vulnerable, meaning they are easily thrown from vehicles or crushed in the event of a crash. However, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk to your children in a number of ways.

  • Use an appropriate booster seat, seat belt or car seat according to your childs age.
  • Always seat children in the back of the vehicle.
  • Make sure appropriate restraint systems are used for every journey even if you are only going around the corner.
  • Ensure seats are correctly installed.
  • Teach your children that they must use their seatbelts on every journey and set a good example by always using yours.

These steps can make a huge difference. Nevertheless, another driver’s negligence could still put your family at risk. If you have been involved in a crash that was someone else’s fault, you might want to consider claiming compensation. A car accident attorney can advise you on your options and may be able to help you secure the remuneration you and your child deserve.

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