The roads of New York are not always as safe as you might hope. Sadly, with so many people rushing about their day-to-day business, it is all too easy for disaster to strike. A moment’s inattentiveness, a vehicle malfunction or an unexpected hazard can lead to a serious accident. In the icy months of winter, the hazards are increased even further by poor visibility and slippery road surfaces.

Such was the case in the Bronx one morning, leading to a massive, multi-vehicle accident involving 20 cars. Meanwhile, flooding closed various roadways in the state. The ice allegedly also led to five people being injured in Yorktown and the closure of roads in New York City. In yet another incident, a vehicle is reported to have been involved in a rollover accident.

Similar incidents were reported in several states throughout the same weekend, resulting in at least nine fatalities. Sadly, such accidents are often preventable, yet countless families are left devastated because of the mistakes of a few. Losing a loved one is always difficult, so it is understandable that the survivors of such accidents are often left looking for answers and hoping for some form of closure.

If you find yourself in this position, the advice of an attorney could be beneficial. If your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to claim compensation. Your attorney may also be able to assist you if you decide to make a claim on your insurance. Whatever the case, with the right guidance and careful examination of the facts, you may be able to acquire the remuneration you deserve.

Source: The Weather Channel, “Icy Travel Causes Accidents, Leaves at Least 9 Dead,” Jan. 19, 2015

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