Driving is always a dangerous business. Even the most diligent and careful drivers cannot control what other drivers surrounding them may do. And what they do could result in a car accident and serious injury. These dangers are only exacerbated by harsh weather conditions, which is why the cold weather affecting the country is making driving even more hazardous than usual. These weather conditions are especially harsh in the northern parts of the country like New York, where snow and ice are usually problematic and those drivers unfamiliar with the weather may put others at an increased risk.

New York State Police reported that an Australian woman was driving through the town of Pomfret when she was unable to maintain control of her vehicle and crossed the center line, colliding with a freightliner stake truck. A third vehicle that was driving behind the freightliner was also damaged in the car accident.

The three-car accident was fatal for the female driver. The truck driver was experiencing chest pain after the accident and was taken by ambulance to Brooks Memorial Hospital. Fortunately for the third driver, he was uninjured. Three-car accidents like this are exemplary of the dangers that drivers face when choosing to venture out during extremely cold weather, and in this incident it is thought that speeds not conducive to icy conditions may have contributed. Still, accidents like this can happen at any time during any conditions. They can occur at random and with no warning.

Nobody wakes up wanting to get into a car accident, yet it happens every day. Whether the accident is a result of drunk driving, negligent driving or driving at speeds not suited for weather conditions, it can cause serious injury and have far reaching consequences. From medical expenses to car insurance to litigation, a car accident will have repercussions. While it is difficult to prepare for a random car accident, people can choose how to react to such a tragedy. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, don’t let despair overtake you. You have options.

Source: The Observer, “One dead in three-car accident,” Jan. 20, 2014

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