Pedestrian accidents are all too common in New York City. Every week it seems like there are new stories of a pedestrian being hit by a taxi, car or bus while strolling through the city. Pedestrian accidents can be very dangerous and often result in serious injuries for those involved.

There are many different factors that contribute to pedestrian accidents. Our article on pedestrian accidents discusses the main causes of these accidents and provides a more detailed discussion of what the city is doing to prevent pedestrian accidents in the future.

Pedestrian accidents continue to happen in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. To address the high pedestrian accident rate, the New York Police Department and the Department of Transportation have created the New York Action Plan to reduce pedestrian accidents. The groups hope the plan will help reduce pedestrian accidents by 50 percent by 2030.

The New York Action Plan will redesign major intersections in the city, install new safety devices, make more of an effort to enforce traffic and driving regulations and educate the public about safe driving and walking behaviors in an effort to reduce accidents.

Specifically, the New York DOT is planning to implement several pedestrian safety plans to reduce accidents and improve safety. The New York DOT will be redeveloping certain intersections in the city, including redeveloping many streets to make them more pedestrian friendly. They are also going to install pedestrian countdown signals at several intersections to warn pedestrians of when the lights will be changing, and they are going to create a program that increases visibility to pedestrians on many left turn avenues in Manhattan.

The groups hope these safety improvements will decrease pedestrian accidents in the future and make New York City safer for everyone.

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