Many New Yorkers do not know where to turn when they are the victims of a car crash. It is difficult to know how to proceed, especially when someone is dealing with injuries, medical bills, and time missed from work. Those injured in car accidents, or their loved ones, may ask these and other similar questions as they begin to recover from the incident. Recently, three people were involved in a two-vehicle accident in New York.

According to police reports, three people were injured after a car accident involving two vehicles. The vehicles collided, and each vehicle went off the road and into ditches. The three passengers were sent to local hospitals. The injuries were reportedly not life threatening. The wreck caused a power outage because one of the vehicles crashed into a utility pole.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that in America, an individual is involved in a car accident that occurs every ten seconds. This has led to many personal injury claims. Many of these claims are based on the negligence theory, which generally means that a driver has failed to use reasonable care while operating a motor vehicle. The injured person must show that the person’s negligent acts led and was the cause of the person’s injuries.

When a person is unexpectedly injured as a result of a car accident, many questions may arise as to how they will pay for the bills. For some, a personal injury claim may provide the injured and their family members’ adequate compensation for their rehabilitation and other medical expenses, in addition to damages for pain and suffering.

Source: CBS Albany, “Three injured after Rotterdam accident,” April 29, 2013

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