With so many people traveling on the roadways, holiday weekends are notorious for car accidents and New York City was is no different. A car accident on May 25 – during the recent Memorial Day weekend – resulted in injury for five people, including two children.

The Upper East Side two-car crash occurred when an SUV slammed into another vehicle. The impact caused the hit vehicle to land onto a busy sidewalk and hit a postal box. The SUV landed on the median.

All five of the people involved were hospitalized. They suffered serious injuries but remain in stable condition. No criminal charges are being filed at this time.

After a car accident, there are many things that need to be addressed. Even when a person is injured or emotionally unstable, there are several things that should always be done following an accident. One of these is staying at the scene. Leaving the scene too early or failing to stop altogether is against the law and can cause a person to face criminal hit-and-run charges.

It also is also important to check on all the parties involved. Even if the parties in one vehicle are uninjured, a person in another vehicle can be seriously injured or even killed. Therefore, it is crucial to call an ambulance so that the injured parties can receive medical attention. The police also should also be summoned to the accident scene so that a report can be filed. This report will be a crucial bit of information for those wishing to file an accident claim for vehicle damage or injuries. This report will help determine liability so that the appropriate insurance company can pay the expenses of property damages or personal injuries.

Source: NBC Channel 4 New York, “5 Injured in Upper East Side Car Crash,” May 26, 2013

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