Making coffee is a morning ritual for many people living in New York. Without a morning cup of joe, it can become impossible to function. However, one young girl will never look at a coffee maker in the same way. While she was using her family’s one-cup coffee brewer, she suffered multiple second-degree burns. Her story is one among many documented cases of this defective product. In response the manufacturer has recalled this device.

The 10-year-old girl’s mother received a Tassimo single-cup brewer for Christmas from her father. Her excitement over the coffee maker quickly disintegrated when the scalding hot contents of the machine sprayed all over her face and neck. Skin grafting was required to repair the girl’s damaged skin and remains sensitive and susceptible to infection months after the incident.

Damage caused by this faulty coffee machine extends beyond physical injury. The young girl has dealt with serious anxiety as a result of the accident. Her mom indicated that she even experienced nightmares after the incident.

Over 140 instances of hot liquid bursting from Tassimo’s product have been documented. Of the reported incidents, 37 have resulted in second-degree burns. This has prompted the manufacturer to recall 1.7 million devices throughout North America.

Of course, anyone making coffee or tea knows the beverage will be hot, but they would never expect the machine to explode when it’s being used properly. Manufacturers have a responsibility to provide proper warnings and make sure the products they sell will not unnecessarily cause harm. Asking for products to be safe is not asking too much.

In light of the girl’s accident, she and her family will most likely not proceed with their lives in the same manner. The girl will have to deal with scars and very sensitive skin forever. Now, she and her family will always question if the things they buy will harm them.

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