Medication And Pharmacy Errors

Doctors count on prescription medications to prevent infection, to treat serious conditions and to prepare patients for surgery. When a pharmacy error or a mistake at a hospital or clinic dispensary results in serious complications or loss of life, someone has to stand up for justice for the victims.

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How Do Medication Errors Occur?

A mistake in the prescription or administration of drugs can happen at almost any point in a patient’s care. Hospital staff members are aware of the frequency of medication errors and pharmacy mistakes. They know how important it is to keep accurate records, to double-check prescriptions and to communicate clearly with other team members.

When proper standards of care are not followed and communication breaks down, the results can be devastating. At Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, our attorneys can help victims of a wide range of medical errors, such as:

  • Nursing error — like misreading a chart — leading to medication overdose
  • Pharmacist negligence in filling a prescription
  • Failure to take accurate medical history leading to the administration of contraindicated drugs
  • Failure to provide standard prophylactic medications (to prevent post-surgical infection, for example)

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