Fetal Distress And Abrupted Placenta

Fetal Distress And Abrupted Placenta

At the law firm of Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, P.C., in New York City, we are committed to holding medical professionals accountable for failing to avoid complications during childbirth.

Our law firm offers a comprehensive understanding of the standard medical procedures expected in delivery rooms throughout the country. We will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding your delivery to uncover any acts of negligence.

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Investigating Malpractice In Labor And Delivery Rooms

If you believe medical malpractice was a factor in your infant’s delivery, entrust our law firm to help protect your legal rights. The attorneys at our law firm will act quickly, conducting a thorough investigation into the series of events leading up to your labor and delivery.

The medical malpractice attorneys at our firm understand that fetal distress can stem from a wide range of complications. For example, a prolapsed umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of the fetus, can cause a spike in the baby’s heart rate. Commonly, obstetricians use Pitocin to induce and accelerate labor. The negative side effects of Pitocin can, however, cause fetal distress. To avoid the negative effects of Pitocin, obstetricians are trained to put mothers on their right side and give them oxygen.

We understand that complications during labor and delivery are sometimes unavoidable. But, we will aggressively pursue a medical malpractice claim if your obstetrician failed to respond in a timely manner to alleviate fetal distress. Failure to conduct an emergency C-section could directly cause a birth injury or fatality. We prepare every medical malpractice claim for a favorable trial verdict to help families secure a full financial recovery.

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